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Final pregnancy thoughts: a letter to Baby

Dear Baby Wabi (BW),

Yes, BW is your nickname for now. We have some name ideas for you but we don’t know if you’re a boy or a girl and haven’t decided what to call you yet. This is your Mom, by the way.

Thanksgiving 2019

The day before I found out you were coming was special holiday called Thanksgiving. In the morning, I ran a 5k race with two of your aunts and after I sprinted through the finish line I doubled over, dry heaving. I thought I was just out of shape. That night at dinner, your uncle made a toast hoping that there would be more children at the next Thanksgiving celebration. That night, I was ill. The next morning, I found out you were growing inside me. Your Dad and I were surprised and excited! I read a lot of books to learn how you’re growing and what it’s like to carry you for 9 months. Sometimes, before I knew you were coming, when I drank too much adult juice, it made my tummy feel yucky and I felt tired all the time. That’s how I felt for the first three months of my pregnancy.

2020 Attitude of gratitude

In February, I was very fortunate to start a new job for a company that does construction projects and helps provide gas and electricity, which are considered essential to living our lives. In March, your Dad and I got to see 3-D video and pictures of you at the doctor’s office. You looked like you were boxing, like your great grandfather used to do! Then, there were bad germs and everyone had to stay at home for three months. My work was essential so I got to keep working at home while you continued to grow, which was a blessing.

Awesome support team

With your arrival getting closer, sometimes I felt anxious or overwhelmed so I asked for help. I met with someone called a therapist and talked with your Dad, our family, and some of my mom friends about my feelings. I then felt better because I communicated with our awesome support team and we made a plan for how to deal with whatever I was worried about. There are still things I think about, but then I repeat one of my favorite mantras, “Whatever happens, we’ll handle it,” and then I feel all is well.

Everyone (even the dog) prepares differently

In April, your Dad did not get to have a proper birthday party, so next year we are going to have a very fun party for him! In May, our basement flooded but don’t worry, we got new carpet so you can have fun basement parties with your friends when you’re older. In June, I launched my new website to help people explain what they do and how it’s valuable to their customers! In July, it was very hot and you and I did not like being outside very much. We did like swimming in Green Lake, which is one of Ritz’s favorite places.

Ritz is our chocolate Labrador retriever, she is almost 2 years old, and she totally knows you’ll be here soon. After we got back from Green Lake, Ritz started doing more “alert barking,” and acting moody and needy. She even went to your room and wanted to play with some of your toys! I got her a new toy so she wouldn’t feel left out. I looked it up and this is normal behavior. We think she will be less confused once you are here and know she will love you!

Final thoughts

It’s now August, my (and your!) birthday month! Already, your presence has been a special reminder to take extra care of my mind and body. As I prepare to start my new job as your Mommy, I know that old versions of myself and roles I’ve held previously are not gone. I see these as chapters in my story, and when you arrive, we get to add an exciting new chapter.


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