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Memoirs of a Marketer

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Brand Consulting & Writing / Compliments of Kelly Wabiszewski

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About Me

Hi there. I'm Kelly.

I'm here to help you by using my marketing expertise to bring your brand to life.


As a business-minded creative, I'm passionate about creating juicy, must-read messaging that turns emails into clicks, prospects into buyers, and marketing into results.


Whether you're an established organization or a scrappy start-up, I've got the mix of insight and imagination you need to get your story heard, and ensure you stand out in the crowd.

My Services

Building Better Brands

I employ a blend of research, creativity, and good ol' fashioned hard work to build meaningful connections between you and your customers. My calling card is a mix of strategic marketing tools to help you get clarity on your brand.

Brand Consulting

Your brand is a promise: it's who you are and what you stand for. From strategy through execution, I'll help you put your vision into words, and help your share your story in a way that is clear, compelling, and memorable.


Staying connected with your audience is just as important as making a splashy first impression. I can help you keep the conversation going through a click-worthy blog full of branded stories and enticing, oven-fresh content. 

Content Writing

Whether it's website content or email marketing, strategic copywriting gives prospects the convincing they need to buy your product or service they weren't previously considering.

Market Experience

Getting it Write

I've spent more than a decade helping businesses in lifestyle, consumer, and professional service markets hone their identities, and develop impactful messaging strategies.

Whether you need a brand voice that is professional and authoritative or something that is casual and relatable, I pride myself on shaping my prose to suit each of my clients' unique needs. 



Real Estate


Interior Design


Health & Wellness


Small Businesses

Home & Family

Kelly's Content

Read the Latest

Want to learn what makes your favorite copywriter tick? Check out my personal blog for content and branding tips, DIY-home hacks, and reflections on family, friends, and food. And yes, I know there are a million blogs out there, but mine is fun and not boring. I swear.

From Clients & Colleagues

Notes & Testimonials

"Kelly created a “Spring Refresh” email marketing campaign series to coincide with the launch of our new website. Not only did her engaging copywriting result in a repeat booking and two referrals, but the series continues to facilitate engagement and helps me keep the conversation going with my clients."

Linda Smallpage

Boutique Photographer

Stay Connected

Let's Be Social

Follow me on the gram for professional goodies, personal musings, and let's be honest: some pictures of babies and dogs.

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