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An Open Letter to Baby #2

Thoughts and mantras from the final days of my second pregnancy.

But first, a song.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Also me: It’s beginning to look a lot like Baby

It's beginning to look a lot like Baby

Everywhere you go

Take a look from the front and side, it’s enormous once again

With tired eyes and sore feet that grow

It's beginning to look a lot like Baby

Stares in every store

But the prettiest sight to see is the child that will be

In your arms once more

A playmate that crawls and an endless supply of balls

Are the wishes of Whitney and Ritz

Baby that sleeps and isn’t much for weeps

Is the hope of Dad and Mom

And Grandparents can hardly wait to grasp that little palm

It's beginning to look a lot like Baby

Everywhere you go

There's a crib in the third bedroom, so as soon as you’re out of the womb

It's the bassinet then a cozy place for you to sleep and grow

It's beginning to look a lot like Baby

Soon the smells will start

And the thing that'll make 'em sweet is the love that you feel beat

Right within your heart

It's beginning to look a lot like Baby

Stares in every store

But the prettiest sight to see is the child that will be

In your arms once more

Sure, it's Baby once more

Dear Baby,

Hi! It’s Mama. Let’s start from the beginning.

Finding Out About You

Your Dad and I went on our first vacation without your sister (!! more on this later) when I was seven months postpartum. We celebrated our friends getting married in sunny Florida! The next month, we found out you were going to be joining our family! Even though I love to plan, it was not possible to plan when your journey into the world would start, so we were a little surprised yet very excited when we found out you would be joining our family so soon!

2021 Whitney Turns One

As I mentioned, you have a big sister! I also wrote her a letter to baby just before she joined us (I promise to try and do as many of these special things for you!) She is 16 months old, so not only is your arrival not my and your Dad’s first rodeo, you also get the benefit of a playmate. She touches my tummy and says baby and today she even said "open" when I told her baby will be coming out of Mommy's tummy soon. We have been showing Whitney pictures of other babies and she knows you are still in my tummy so while we are trying to prepare her for her new job, I think she will be in for the biggest surprise of her life to date when you arrive.

Christmas Baby

Speaking of your arrival, you are due right around Christmas! My doctor offered to schedule your arrival before Christmas (a plan!) However I want to give you a chance to make your own way into the world. So for now, the ball is in your court! No pressure ;)

Mama’s Work

After I gave birth to Whitney, I decided to start my own Brand Consulting and Writing Business while on maternity leave. For the past year I have had the honor of serving clients all around the USA! My specialty is in healthcare marketing, but I am fortunate to provide marketing and copywriting services to Clients in all industries, while raising your sister at the same time.

Professional photography by Boutique Photographer.

Support Team

Being pregnant back to back years is tough. Being a parent is still a relatively new job for me; being a parent of both a toddler and a newborn will be a new facet to my job as Mama. We have a great support team in our extended family and caring friends to help encourage and guide us as we go. We are blessed! Also, some of my favorite online resources to help me be a great Mommy are bumblebaby and Moms on Call.

Sometimes I worry about how I will share my time and energy between you and your sister, a new objective I have not yet faced. Other moms said they felt guilty about spending less time with their toddler after having a new baby. I promise to spend time with each of you; and Whitney can be Mama’s helper to share in the joy of taking care of you. She never had an older sibling helping take care of her, so it will be one of the second-born benefits special to you.

Final Thoughts

Your arrival is just days away, and when I start to feel overcome with emotions, I always come back to a few of my favorite mantras. They are spiritual and some may sound silly but they help prevent burnout and overwhelm.

  • God loves us and wants us to be happy

  • God has a plan for me (reassuring when in the face of uncertainty)

  • Today I will try to have a playful spirit

  • Today I will try to be a master of my own energy

  • Many things (sleep deprivation) will be short term

I can’t wait to meet you! I love you so much already.

Love, Mama

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