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Overcoming Fear of Failure

The other day I was talking with a friend about my broken left foot and I conjectured since my right leg atrophied when I had ACL reconstruction surgery 10 years ago maybe this injury would atrophy my left leg and then both legs would look more similar! He shared that he also had ACL reconstruction surgery and we got to comparing the grafts, post-op pain, physical therapy and recovery. We determined maybe my legs would look the same but likely not as I am *knocks wood* not having surgery with a tourniquet to restrict blood flow for a number of hours. The point is, whenever we have been through a trauma or important event, we want to feel like understood. People want to feel like you get them.

It got me thinking about the course I created to help professionals create and implement marketing plans, Brand Boost. I spent the better part of the last several months designing it, learning everything from video production to web design to online payment integration. I created a signature, 5-step process to take members through modules and templates to help define their value proposition, articulate brand messaging on a Message Map, and create a strategic marketing plan.

One night a couple of months ago, after consecutive 5am mornings and trying to work every second of every nap—which resulted in burnout—I stood in the kitchen and as I was recapping my day of video production, started to cry.

“What if it flops? What if no one signs up?! What if all of this hard work was for nothing!!?”

In order to overcome our biggest fears, we often have to give them a little stage time by saying things like “my biggest fear is ___” or asking the question “What’s the worst that can happen?”

If no one enrolls in my program, I realized that I would still be O.K. I will be more than O.K., as I realized none of my work would have been in vain. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s we need to be able to pivot in times of uncertainty. We need to adapt daily routines, business practices, and so on. So, hypothetically, even if I don’t have tons of members, I still have the entire framework, templates, and signature 5-step process ready to go to help business owners and entrepreneurs. I still can help deliver:

  1. Clear Vision Statement: To identify all the benefits your product or service offers

  2. Value Proposition: To make you and your brand stand out from the pack and give new clients a reason to believe in and trust you.

  3. Insightful Thought Leadership Content: To establish you as an industry expert and give prospects the convincing they need to buy your product or service they weren't previously considering.

  4. Comprehensive Message Map: To create concise and targeted messaging, articulating how your attributes become benefits for all of your clients.

  5. Strategic Marketing Plan: Your roadmap including how to write a business goal, plus design specific strategies to generate leads to reach your target market so you can achieve your business goals!

On Wednesday, February 10, I am offering a free mini Masterclass, The 3 Secrets to Removing Obstacles to Buying and Selling. In the 40-minute live webinar; I will cover how to create messages that potential customers find relevant and timely.

So even if you feel like you don’t need a marketing plan, people/your customers still want to feel like you get them.

And to do this, you need to:

  • Ensure your messages are concise and targeted

  • Connect your story to your offerings

  • Give your clients reasons to hire you over your competitors

I’m looking forward to sharing more on Wednesday, 2/10 @ 12noon CST! Grab your spot—even if you can’t make it, I will email you the replay.



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