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6 DIY Decorating Tips To Refresh Your Home For Summer

Add Some Sunshine To Your Home.

Summer is here and I love to welcome the changing of seasons by rearranging and refreshing the décor. Here are a few of my favorite ways:


What a fabulous way to change the vibe of a room. Thanks to YouTube videos (what did our parents do back in the pre-internet days?) I solved the question of which comes first, the ceiling, trim, or the walls. If possible, enlist help from family members to work more efficiently.


Summer fabrics and colors are a great way to commemorate the change in seasons. With Pier1 going out of business you can expect to find sales there or check Overstock, Wayfair, and Etsy for unique designs.


Have your favorite poster professionally framed or design a new coffee table book from pictures in your phone. Swap out pictures that have been in frames for years with some newer ones or create a new gallery wall.


Ask around, there is a good chance you or a friend knows a local Interior Designer. Solicit their help to make a customized plan to revamp important rooms in your home. Having a second opinion craft a roadmap helps break down a seemingly overwhelming task into chunks you can tackle one at a time.


Adding pops of color to the exterior of your home evokes a cheerful “welcome home” feeling for not only you but also the family and friends you can finally have over for summer barbecues.


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