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How to Sell Yourself and Your Business

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently resigned from my Brand Manager role. Outside of the corporate world, I’ve been fortunate to earn business from my personal network, including jobs like blogging for my favorite health insurance agent and providing scriptwriting services for a real estate agent’s home buying and home selling videos. (I will share links to the finished vids soon!)

What about cold leads? How do you sell yourself?

Sure, my network of warm leads knows I provide brand consulting and writing services (copywriting, copyediting, scriptwriting, resumes, etc.), but what about earning business from people who have never heard of me?

According to Wikipedia, “Upwork has over twelve million registered freelancers and five million registered clients. Three million jobs worth over $1B USD are posted annually, making Upwork the largest freelancer marketplace in the world.”

So what makes me one in 12 million?

My brand and my experience.

We function in a headline/bullet point world.

People do not want to read your eight-page resume, sit through your 90-minute sales pitch, or watch your 16-minute video. They want you to get to your point, and quickly.

For example, here is a “cover letter” I included with a landing page copywriting proposal:

  • 15 years of marketing experience from Chicago-based agencies & Milwaukee professional services firms

  • Professional website & portfolio ->

  • Resigned from recent Brand Manager role due to having baby in August 2020

  • Estimate X hours $XXX total for this job

  • References available upon request

It’s 50 words.

Five bullet points.

That’s it.

If they want the long version with my bio, list of services, portfolio, links to my social media pages, and accompanying professional photos from my brand photographer, they can go to my website. If they want 15 references, they can ask me and I will happily provide them.

“We're really impressed with your website and portfolio” - response from Client.

I set up a (complimentary) 30-minute Discovery call and got the gig the same day.

Keep it simple and let your brand and your experience do the talking.

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